Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong works with defence intelligence sector

23/04/2012 03:46

Party General Secretary and Secretary of the Central Military Commission, Nguyen Phu Trong, paid a working visit to the General Department 2 under the Defence Ministry on April 21st. A number of top military and civilian officials, including Permanent Member of the Central Military Commission and Chief-of-the-General-Staff, Senior Lieutenant-General Do Ba Ty, accompanied the Party General-Secretary.

Party General-Secretary visits museum of General Department 2
Party General-Secretary visits museum of General Department 2

Lieutenant-General Luu Duc Huy, Chief of the General Department 2, briefed the Party General-Secretary and the delegation on the General Department’s task performance, force building and Party work over the past time.

After listening to the report, the Party General-Secretary praised the General Department for its achievements over the past time.

Assessing the missions and role of the General Department in national construction and defence, the Party General-Secretary underlined that Defence Intelligence played a crucial part in the current situation and its good performance had really supported the Party, State, Army, localities and branches in drawing up proper policies and directions.

Over the past 60 years, the Defence Intelligence sector had continuously developed in all aspects, defence intelligence officers of various generations had made great contributions to the country in both wartime and peacetime and many of them had sacrificed themselves for the Fatherland but their silent victories would never be forgotten by the nation, he said.

Reviewing recent domestic and international situations, the Party General-Secretary instructed that defence intelligence officers should bring the sector’s traditions into full play and always maintain a high state of alert, even in peacetime. The General Department High Command and Party Committee should focus on force building and Party building as well as improving the political spirit and skills and expertise for defence intelligence officers so that they could fulfill all of their assigned tasks even in tough circumstances, he added.

The Party General-Secretary affirmed that the Party would enhance its directions and leadership over the General Department and defence intelligence activities in the future. He asked the General Department’s Party organisations to further heighten the Party principles, regularly educate intelligence officers and actively give proposals and ideas on issues related to its functions and missions to the Party, State, Central Military Commission and Defence Ministry.

He also asked the General Department and its Party organisations to actively deploy and realise the Resolutions of the 11th Party Congress, especially the Resolution of the Fourth Session and continuously promote the mobilisation to learn and follow the ethical image of President Ho Chi Minh.

In conclusion, the Party General-Secretary extended his best wishes to defence intelligence officers of all generations and believed that the special force that had won a number of precious awards, including the Order of Gold Star and Title “Hero of People’s Armed Forces”, would definitely accomplish all tasks entrusted by the Party, State, Army and people.

Source QDND

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