National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung meets voters in Ha Tinh province

04/05/2012 04:29

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung met with voters in the central province of Ha Tinh on May 2-3 to hear their opinions on universal education and vocational training.

NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung
NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung

Voters who are teachers in Duc Tho district contributed many ideas on solving shortcomings in the educational sector of the country and the locality in particular.

They suggested giving allowances to people who do not directly deliver lectures, providing a preferential treatment for non-State educational establishments and improving the quality of teacher training.

After listening to voter opinions, the NA leader said that education and training are a leading task of the Party and State as well as a national policy for the national construction and development.

Applauding the voters’ frank opinions on the shortcomings in teaching and learning in the locality, Chairman Hung affirmed that the NA will consider and thoroughly assess these issues and gradually provide measures to solve them.

Meeting with teachers at the Ha Tinh Vocational Training School in Ha Tinh city, the NA Chairman stressed that in the new stage of development, Vietnam has a great demand for human resources.

However, in recent years vocational training work failed to meet all aspects of the requirements of national modernisation, construction and development, he said.

Therefore, an important task for the educational sector now is to train human resources and meet the country’s long-term developmental requirements, he said.

The NA leader asked the province to expand training models, diversify teaching methods and renovate curricula in order to avoid ineffective training.

The Ha Tinh voters suggested the State have specific policies for businesses to invest in vocational training and ensure sufficient material conditions for vocational training facilities.

The State should have policies to gather social resources for developing the vocational training network, they said.

Source VNA

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